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The Gay Community of Key West

Discover Key West!t's virtually impossible to spend even a few days in Key West without making new friends. You'll be swapping addresses and phone numbers with new made acquaintances you want to see more of. These may be locals who moved down years go, and haven't regretted a day of their stay. Or visitors like yourself-first timers, or people who return every year, dreaming of the day they can come and stay forever.

New gay friends, certainly. New straight friends as well. "Gay" and "straight" are distinctions that don't matter much, socially, in Key West. The city is famous for the way everyone gets along with everyone else. People, typically, are judged not on their sexual orientation but on their personalities and their congeniality.

Which is why a gay man or woman- and couples- can probably feel more at ease in this community than anywhere else on earth. You can be yourself, because everyone else wants to be themselves, too.

There are those who prefer to holiday in an all-gay world, and that can be managed in Key West. If you fancy sunbathing nude, for instance, you'll stay at certain guesthouses. Many also find the privacy of a gay guesthouse the kind of relaxed headquarters they like. Others enjoy larger resorts and some like accommodations that welcome all.

Is Key West a gay Mecca? Maybe, among other things. But it's far more useful to think of Key West in wider terms- simply as the most liberal, most civilized, most live-and-let-live, most socially sophisticated city on the planet. A U.S. city like no other. And a tropical vacation playground as well, First island of the Caribbean.

You're going to love it here- for all the reasons that will bring you back again and again.

Also check out the Key West Business Guild.

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The Gay Community of Key West ... Photo by Rob O'Neal


Fantasy Fest... Photo by Rob O'Neal
Dropping the shoe, New Year's Eve ... Photo by Rob O'Neal

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